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June 1, 2022 Category: Jobs (4 minutes read)

Six Essential Tips For Staying Motivated During a Job Hunt

Six Essential Tips For Staying Motivated During a Job Hunt

An average job search takes three to six months. However, if it takes more than six months, you might start to get frustrated or impatient.

It can be challenging to stay motivated while job hunting. You may feel like you won't find a job, considering all the customizations of resumes and cover letters and answering difficult interview questions. Here are ten ways to get your job search motivated again if you feel discouraged.

Ten Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Searching

1. Get motivated by a motivational quote

Get a daily motivational quote each morning by signing up. Reading something inspiring can help you remember why you are looking for a job, and it can also keep you upbeat.

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2. Make a routine

It doesn't matter if you are currently employed or in a transitional job. However, it would be best to have a job search plan to keep you on track. A job search plan will help you organize your search, establish realistic and achievable goals, measure your progress, and keep you accountable.

This structure will help you plan your weeks, months, and days and motivate you to continue your search.

3. Enjoy a Day off

Although you should not treat your job search like a job search, it is essential to include a scheduled day off. You shouldn’t look for a job every day, just as you wouldn’t work every day. This could lead to frustration and burnout.

Do something completely unrelated to your job search on your day off. You don't need to spend a lot of money either. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can go on a picnic or read magazines at the library. Or do nothing. You can recharge by taking a break from the job search and returning to it feeling rejuvenated and energized.

4. Volunteer

It's an excellent way for you to relax and help others. So consider volunteering in your job search. You'll not only be able to show kindness to the world, but you will also have the opportunity to improve your skills and learn new ones.

5. Take a class

A class can help you organize your life and broaden your horizons. You can take a course through the community college, the park districts, online, or for personal development.

It doesn't matter which class you take. It will keep you engaged and learning new things, show employers that you are open to taking on challenges, and it is an opportunity to expand your network.

6. Get connected with role models

Sometimes, it can feel like there is a considerable gap between where you are now and where you want to be. If you feel hopeless about your job search, visit LinkedIn to view the profiles of professionals who are in your exact position.

This exercise will help you realize that there is no "right" career path for everyone, and many people travel a long and winding route. So, if you feel brave, ask to connect. You never know what you might find! It's possible to land an informational interview to help you plan your next move.

7. Write Out Your Accomplishments

To remind yourself of your achievements, if you feel hopeless about your job search, you might consider compiling a list of recent accomplishments.

You don't have to write everything down. Instead, you might discover things about yourself, such as new skills that you have mastered that you can apply to your next application.

8. Concentrate on what you can control

There are things you can control and things you cannot. While we are all frustrated and upset by the things we cannot control, it doesn't help when searching for jobs.

You cannot control some things, so let them go. You can focus on the things you can manage to make them the best and most positive possible.

9. Try something new

You can keep a job-search journal to keep a detailed record of your job search. This will help you identify which efforts are working and which are not.

To see if there are any changes, you should review your job search plan and journal regularly. If you have been attending only virtual networking events but are not making any connections, consider following some in-person events.

10. Ask for help

Asking for feedback and coaching can motivate you to work harder on your job search. Ask a trusted advisor to give feedback on your cover letter and resume. This will help you identify the words and phrases that work well and those you should eliminate.

Working with a career coach will give you objective but positive feedback about your job search, from your resume to your interview.