March 17, 2021 Category: Human Resources (2 minutes read)

What Gen Z Wants From You

What Gen Z Wants From You

We’ve heard plenty about millennials entering the workforce, including how they’ve changed and set new work expectations with regard to organizational policies and management behavior. But there’s a new workforce that’s primed to enter the corporate world— Gen Z.

The oldest of Gen Z are set to join the workforce this year. These individuals are markedly different from their predecessors and have novel notions about work life. Here are some of the things they expect from their employers.

Digital and tech-savviness

Gen Z’s affinity for technology doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. This generation has grown up with technology, and expresses the desire to work with technology at the workplace as well. Several believe that tech literacy is a must-have skill for their careers.

Despite being adept at technology, they also expect and demand more human interaction in the workplace than millennials. They have a strong desire to connect face-to-face with their colleagues and their superiors.

Entrepreneurial spirit  

While they aim to work for organizations, they expect workplaces to be more open and receptive to their entrepreneurial drive. They are creative, ambitious, and wish to make a change.

Companies will have to ensure they attract top talent by providing these employees with resources like in-house incubation centers to harness their passions.


Millennials worked hard to set and sustain benefits like pool tables, free lunches, and nap pods. But Gen Z is more like Gen X and Boomers, and demand a good salary, insurance benefits, and bosses they admire. They want a nurturing relationship with their peers and superiors so they can progress professionally.

Gen Z is accustomed to fast-moving trends, and adapts quickly to changing environments, providing innovative solutions to emerging issues. The key to retaining them is to offer them the right benefits and allow them the creative autonomy to transform your organization.

Privacy and collaboration

Collaborative workspaces became the norm when millennials joined the workforce. But Gen Z is a little different. They value collaboration with peers as much as they value privacy and space. They want workspaces that have open spaces as well as individual cubicles for them to maintain their own space.  

This gives them a semblance of privacy, independence, and work structure that’s flexible. So, if you wish to attract the new generation, it is best to redesign your space accordingly.

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