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January 24, 2021 Category: Management New Jobs (2 minutes read)

Ways to Improve Working Conditions

The office environment significantly impacts employees' mood, stress level, productivity, and motivation. A place with a dreary atmosphere and unpleasant co-workers is a recipe for disaster when it comes to workers’ mental health.

According to NBER, working in physically demanding, environmentally hazardous, and detrimental work conditions negatively impacts employees' overall well-being. Try these simple strategies to revamp your work environment.

Rethink the Design of the Space

Creating a well-designed workplace environment motivates and engages employees and makes them feel comfortable, leading to higher job satisfaction. Here are some excellent ideas for revamping your office to induce a healthy work environment:

  • Blend in comfort, style, and functionality in your office designto supercharge company culture and brand personality.
  • Put your primary focus on comfort because workers spend a significant amount of their time at the office.
  • Invest in amenitiessuch as a leisure room, with comfortable furniture, cafeteria, a fully equipped kitchen, toilets, and a gym.
  • Allow your employees to share their opinion about office design.

Choose the Right Natural Light and Wall Color

Cornell study found that employees who are exposed to natural light experience an approx. 84% drop in headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision.

So, add some vibrant and colorful bits and pieces here and there to pump up the energy.

We suggest you add some red—why? Because it's associated with better concentration and focus.

Moreover, natural light helps workers stay motivated. Workers who are exposed to natural light in their office accomplish their day's tasks even with a six-hour daily sleep routine.

Nurture a Healthy Culture

Your company culture represents the core values, structure, and communication practices of your organization. Here are some ways to leverage a good company culture to enhance working conditions:

  • Allow all employees to participate in important decision-making processes.
  • Promote a diverse culture by hiring individuals from various ethnicities, religions, and beliefs.
  • Instruct your managers to demonstrate and encourage strong leadership values that nurture employees from within, so they perform better and stay aligned with the company's objectives.
  • Prioritize health and wellness at your workplace by ensuring work/life balance, stress management, mental wellness initiatives, and high accountability.
  • Celebrate prominent events and national days to show your company's investment in its employees and society at large.

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