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June 6, 2022 Category: Business (7 minutes read)

Tips for Hiring the Best Employees for Your Cleaning Business

Tips for Hiring the Best Employees for Your Cleaning Business

Your future employees will be your greatest asset. Your prospective employees will be your greatest assets and one of the best ways to reach your business goals.

You can begin to make a list of tasks that your future employees will be responsible for. You and your prospective employees will benefit from a detailed scope of work that details their duties at specific work hours and a special rate. This will prevent future confusion and conflict.

It might be a good idea to create a list of traits you are looking for in a cleaner. Although it may not be easy to find someone who works as hard as you do, you can still find someone with a good work ethic and integrity. These are essential qualities to look for when hiring a cleaner. Even though it may be tempting to hire people without much experience, especially when your schedule is already packed, consider the long-term implications before you make that decision. Although you might be able to get someone right away, it will save you time and money if you hire people with prior cleaning experience.

Staff should be hardworking and independent. Cleaning is not always a team sport. They will almost always be working alone. It would be fantastic if you and your future employees could agree on how they will perform their tasks.

Although you might not be able to tell if someone is honest and committed to the job from the first time they meet you, it's possible to observe the interviewee's attitude at least. You should look for a friendly, open-minded attitude and evaluate the authenticity of their answers. Each person is unique, but trustworthiness will be a defining characteristic.



It can be challenging to find the right person.

It isn't easy to find the right people for your company. Even if you have hired the best person, the next candidate will not be the same. It takes patience and time to hire the best people.

You have already created a list of the characteristics you look for in a cleaner. You can use the list to attract the best candidates for your job posting. 

For example, your job posting can include: "Looking to hire a self-motivated, hardworking and independent person to clean residential houses" or "Looking to hire a cleaner who is proficient in cleaning different floors." To find the right people, you can use the persona that you have created in your job postings.

While you cannot guarantee that every person who responded to your posting is the right candidate, you can filter them through the interview until you find the best. It's essential to conduct a thorough consultation and ask pertinent questions to determine the candidate's attitude. You can find here some examples of interview questions you could ask candidates.

Asking for referrals from current employees is another great way to find the right candidate. This saves you time and ensures that the people you refer are trustworthy. In addition, for each hire, you may offer a referral bonus or incentive to your employees to motivate them to find the best.



After hiring a new employee, legal and organizational matters


Once you've completed the hiring process and found the employees you are looking for, it is time to organize everything.

You would first need to give your new employee the Contracts of Employment that contain all terms and conditions. Next, your company's current employee handbook, which includes information on cleaning company policies and procedures, will be given to your new employees. This article on creating the best employee manual will provide some suggestions about the guidelines that you should include in the handbook.

Second, as a business owner, you must register new employees within twenty days of hire. No matter how long your new hire has been with you, you must still report each one.

Last but not least, make sure your Worker's Compensation insurance is up-to-date. You will need to notify your agent about the new employees. The insurance agent will then update your policy and make any necessary changes.

Once you have completed all paperwork and taken care of legal issues, it is time to schedule a time for training new hires. Although it doesn't need to be extensive as you hire cleaners with experience, the training should be clear about what they can expect and their work scope.

Cleaning is a diverse industry that focuses on many aspects. One company may specialize in floor cleaning. Others might do post-construction cleaning. Some companies can also clean large commercial buildings, while others are specialized in residential cleaning. It is essential to choose a cleaning crew carefully. Don't rush. Do not rush to assess your future employees.

What are the key characteristics to look for when hiring cleaning staff?

First, determine what type of employee you are looking for. You won't hire the right people if you don't know what you are looking for before posting a job advertisement. Consider what makes you a good candidate for the job: trustworthiness and friendliness.

These are the top traits you should look out for when hiring cleaning staff.

Friendship. Clients should feel comfortable with you.

Trustworthiness. Clients entrust you with their safety zone. Clients will have many valuable items. It is essential to trust others you are sending into their homes. You may want to run a criminal background check depending on your clientele.

Previous cleaning experience. It is intense and challenging work to work for a cleaning company. Someone with prior cleaning experience is a good choice. People with experience in physically demanding jobs are also an option.

Ability solves problems. Even if there's a team in one place, the chances are that each employee will need to work alone to cover more ground. Employees should be self-motivated and independent enough to be able to solve minor problems without having to rely on others. Workflows smoothly when people have problem-solving skills.

Dedication. A team must be dedicated and will show up when they are supposed to. 

How to write a job ad for cleaning

You need to ensure that your job posting is noticed when you post it. The job ad is often the first contact someone has with your company. Therefore, a job seeker will need to know more about your company and why this job is right for them.

A job title is the first thing someone will look for, followed by the job description. Next, the potential candidate will scan the job ad to learn about the company, expected salary range, and benefits.

You won't likely be offering any medical benefits because you are starting a small business. However, this can be replaced with other perks like vacation and sick leave.

Bullet points are often overused and skimmed over. Write heartfelt sentences to create an emotional connection with your job posting. To give your job posting a human touch, include actual photos of your company. Your ad should be structured with headings so that the reader can easily find the information they need.

Closing your job advertisement should include a call-to-action. You can use expressions such as 'click here, 'call this number or send your resume to this email' to encourage potential applicants to contact you after they have finished reading your job advertisement.

How to advertise cleaning jobs

Today's technology-driven world makes it easy for people to search the internet for jobs. These popular job boards can be a great place to start your search for cleaning staff.

Your website. A website can be an excellent way for potential employees to know you.

LinkedIn. You can also view the profiles of those who have submitted to your job posting. There is a charge to post a job advertisement on this site.

Facebook. For 30 days, you can freely post a job advertisement on your Facebook Business Page. Then, if you wish, you can pay to increase the post.

Indeed. Indeed is a trendy job board. It is free to post your job, and it is often straightforward to create a post.

Monster. Monkey is another job-posting website that receives a lot of visitors. Although there is an access fee, the website tries to make it easy to post jobs.

Craigslist. Craigslist is another website that allows you to post job openings for free.

You can also post job announcements on other social media platforms if you are active. These are the top social media platforms to share job announcements:







The Hiring Process

The hiring procedure is an essential step in hiring the right people to run your cleaning business. The hiring process is complex and can take time. There are many steps involved: background checks, references checks, interviews, phone calls, background checks, interviews, negotiation of a salary, and possibly another interview. You should calculate your payroll budget before you begin this process.