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The Benefits of Keeping Your Professional and Personal Lives Separate

The Benefits of Keeping Your Professional and Personal Lives Separate

With everything moving online and the current work-from-home situation, employees worldwide are connected to their coworkers through their smartphones and social media platforms. This makes it difficult to create a division between personal and work life, but this separation is extremely vital. Here's why:

  1. Conserves Your Energy

You need to understand you'll be working for a long time and this isn't a one-day job. Mixing your professional and personal lives require more energy and will give you very little time for relaxation. You might spend countless nights overworking and compromising on your daily schedule. Your “work life is a marathon” and requires you to conserve your energy throughout the entire time. This isn't a sprint, where you can burn all your energy at the start. Plan your work and organize your day, keeping a considerable amount of time for your private life.

  1. Improves Your Mental Health

Research shows that one in four Americans experience mental health problems at a given time. In the workplace, 83% of workers reported experiencing work-related stress. This can significantly affect your personal relations and life, if left undressed. Nowadays, companies worldwide are actively trying to ensure they maintain a positive work environment for their employees' well being. 

Keeping your work life and personal life separate encourages positive mental health as you'll actively aim to keep your work-stress at your workplace itself and not let it affect your personal life. Working hard is vital to progress in life but don't ignore your body when it's signaling you to rest. Stop and revitalize your soul and learn to focus on the smaller things in life.

  1. Avoids Workplace Drama

Sometimes, keeping a candid approach with your coworkers or employer can negatively affect your professional life. When in a professional setting, it's important to maintain a formal relationship. You can joke around with your friends outside work, but it's best to stick to your professional image with your colleagues. If you pass a sarcastic remark or a joke, it may not be taken positively and might spark some unwanted heat.

  1. Increases Engagement

According to a survey, employees that were more engaged in their work saw a 52% boost in overall company performance and income.

Your work engagement will only increase if you add that extra effort to concentrate on your task. Separating your work and personal life will give you added control over your time and improve your productivity at work.

People tend to think that the more time and effort you invest in a project, the more beneficial it is. However, this can only take from your personal life, decreasing your motivation and productivity levels.

Here are some tips to strike the perfect personal-professional life balance: 

  • Time Management: Make a weekly schedule with enough break times during work and some fun or relaxing activities on the weekend. Try to finish all office related work during work hours only. 
  • Limit Outside Workplace Connections: You don't have to add all your coworkers on your social media platforms. Try to limit tagged photos. 
  • Prioritize Your Health: Join a yoga or a mediation class to keep your stress levels at bay. 

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