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How to Get the Right People Behind You Every Time

How to Get the Right People Behind You Every Time

Do you let the people around your drag you down? Are they a source of doubt about your capabilities? Are they always in agreement with you and never have any new ideas?

You may be surrounded by people who won't help you succeed.

Spend more time with people who lift you. Jim Rohn stated that "you are the average of five people you spend the most time with."

Hang out with people who inspire and motivate you to do better, either through their example or because you want to be an inspiration to them.

It would help if you surrounded yourself with people who can give you concrete benchmarks to success. Then, they will show you how to reach new heights and inspire you to do the same.

Begin to be with people who set new standards in your thinking.

If you don't see many of these people around you, it is most likely that you haven't been actively seeking them out. (Here are more tips on how to network more intentionally.

Two Criteria to Choose Mentors, Advisers and Peers

Two criteria are critical when choosing people to spend time with: gravitas and values match.

A values match is the first quality you should look for. Look for people who share your values.

The second criterion is gravitas. It refers to having more skill, cognitive ability or experience in the area you are working in.

They are not only better than you in this area, but they also have the confidence to say that they will not tear you down just because they want to make you feel better.

While being the "smartest person" in the room can be gratifying for the ego, it is not conducive to growth.

Richard Tirendi is the CEO and co-founder of VisionQuest. But, he says, "If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong place."

The "Right" People Are Closer Than You Think

You may already know the people who can help your success.

Michael Dell, CEO and Founder of Dell Inc., offers the following advice: "In professional circles, it's called networking. It's known as team building in organizations. It's also known as family, friends, or community in real life.

Start your search by looking at your existing networks and the people closest to your heart: family, friends, and community.

Take a look at your co-workers, team members, comanagers, leaders, and customers.

Then, look for successful people and experts who have achieved the goals you are pursuing.

How can you spend more time with people you know will help you succeed?

You know who you want. You Know Who You Want. Now, what?

Start small and keep it simple.

Perhaps you know a successful uncle you admire and would love to learn from. Invite him to lunch or to a round of golf to catch up.

Organize informal gatherings. I hosted monthly dinners and had deeper conversations with them to get people together.

Interviewing experts is a great way to connect with them if you have a podcast or blog. Make sure you do your research and ask the right questions. They'll remember you if you help them to spread their message.

Then, you can join the appropriate networking events and mastermind groups.

In 3 Easy Steps to Create a Better Network

List five people with whom you would like to spend more time. Dan Sullivan has the stuff to-energy transfer technique to make time for people who light a flame inside of you.

Next, think of three activities that you can do together. Then, go out and do them.

Remember to keep in touch and reconnect afterwards.

It is well-known that practising a skill with someone better than yourself is one of the best ways for you to improve it. This could be tennis, golf, poker, yoga or Boggle. You will need to work harder and think faster to learn more basic skills. Although you'll feel sore and sweaty, your skills will improve. You might be able even to teach others a few things. The idea of being able to play with someone better than you can translate well to your career and personal success. It's also why it's so important to surround yourself with successful people.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Summit in Los Angeles. I listened to keynotes from some of the most prominent thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and entertainers around the globe for four days. These fantastic people inspired me. I felt energized and full of new ideas by the end of the festival/conference. I was playing with winners - listening and sharing with these brilliant minds inspired me to improve my game. These are steps you can take to make this concept work in your life.

Say Goodbye to the "Negative Nellies".

Certain colleagues are always in trouble or have serious drama. They are the ones who can't seem to get ahead. Even worse, they will try to drag you down with them.

It's hard enough to live a difficult life. There will always be people who disagree with you and obstacles that may prevent us from reaching our goals. There is nothing better than being able to share your worries and fears with someone: mentors and friends who not only listen but also encourage you to strive for excellence. So get back up and work harder! It's possible!


Focus on building relationships with people who can share their successes and positive vibes. This will help you see that you can do the exact same. Negativity is not a good idea.

Meet People Smarter Than You

Many business people and entrepreneurs want to be the best on all topics. You're only limited if you are always the 1most competent person in the room on every topic. Jim Rohn famously said that "you're the ordinary five people you spend the most time with." We often underestimate the importance and value of the company we keep. It's essential to have people who push us to do better, be they teachers, mentors or family members. A circle of people who have the right influence can raise our expectations and help us set higher standards. We often don't realize our capabilities until we see other people achieve them. Summit Series, EO, and YPO are all well-known and popular among high achievers. Positive, successful people encourage us to be our best selves by consciously and subconsciously challenging us.

Develop "Real Life" relationships with people who have Attained Your Goals

It is time to reconsider how social media is used and instead focus on real-life relationships. Social media can remind us of what we don't know, can't do or believe we can achieve. It's not enough to see someone's "highlight reel". It's essential to understand what happens behind the scenes and how much work it takes. Focus on the process, not the result of success.

Highly successful people will often be open to sharing what it takes to achieve their goals. They can help you learn from your mistakes and give you "tips and tricks" to make your goals more achievable. Get to know the leaders in your field.

Watch The Game If you can't play tennis,

Summit's LA18 experience was inspiring and aspirational. I also met "real life" people who impacted me, but I know that not everyone can afford to attend seminars. Perhaps you cannot surround yourself with people who want what you desire simply because you don't know them or can't access them.

To be your best self, I challenge you to rethink and cull your social media and real-life "friends" to find the right people, media, and content to help you reach your goals.