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Fifteen High Demand Consultant Niches in 2021

Fifteen High Demand Consultant Niches in 2021

Niche eCommerce business ideas

This post will discuss the top e-commerce business ideas that entrepreneurs can use to make big sales and profit in 2021.

Let's begin with our list of profitable niche online businesses!

Buy toys online                                                                                    

Many people believe that smartphones and electronic gadgets have replaced toys, but traditional toys remain in high demand. The US toys and games market was worth $32.6 billion in 2019, 16.7% more than 2019.

To find toys and games in high demand, do your research. To find out about the pricing and margins of the top suppliers and manufacturers near you, get in touch. This niche is hot for e-commerce in 2021.

Buy groceries online

Online grocery stores became popular during the COVID lockdown. Online grocery sales made enormous profits for businesses, and this trend isn't slowing down. In addition, online grocery shopping is a popular choice for people who don't want their precious time spent in stores.

Do you need numbers to understand? Online grocery shopping in the UK accounted for 13% of all regional grocery spending in 2020. This percentage was just 7% in 2019. Target a niche grocery and supplies like Indian groceries, dairy, meat, or other food products to make an immediate market impact.

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Sell equipment for the gym

Millions of people purchased gym equipment online during the 2020 lockdown to stay fit and healthy. As a result, the demand for home fitness equipment increased, and COVID saw a significant boost in sales. So it's no surprise that selling gym equipment is one of the most popular niche e-commerce opportunities of 2021.

Niche e-commerce online stores focusing on HIIT, Yoga, and Weight Training are created worldwide to meet the growing demand. So it made perfect sense to open an online niche shop concentrating on fitness and wellbeing in 2021.

Sell intelligent products for your home.

Selling intelligent home products is a popular niche e-commerce business idea. It makes perfect sense in today’s tech-obsessed society. In 2019, the US smart home market was worth 87.7 Billion dollars and grew by over 10%.

Innovative home products are in high demand, but only a few online retailers cater to this market. Therefore, after doing extensive research, you should choose your product catalogue. This will allow you to reach more customers.

Offer professional services

The commoditization of professional services is already taking place. Using the right eCommerce platform, those who can capture this niche will make huge sales. The demand for services such as content creation, consulting, and web design is vast online. Launching an online niche store to tap into this market makes sense.

This niche is not well-known and is unlikely to be occupied by many entrepreneurs in 2021. However, you can dominate this market if you act quickly!

Pre-owned Products

For almost a decade, pre-owned products have been a massive hit in Western countries. Everything goes online, from clothes to jewellery, gadgets, furniture, and even jewellery. So opening your online niche shop in the pre-owned product segment makes sense.

Decide which product niche is more relevant to your expertise and network to maximise your success chances. Then, you can start a multi-vendor marketplace for once-loved items to make massive sales and profit.

Pet care products

The global pet care e-commerce market was valued at USD 20.75 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow 11.3% between 2020-2027. Millions of families around the world own cats and dogs. It's no wonder that animal food, clothing, accessories, hair care and lifestyle products are selling like hotcakes.

Millennial pet owners are looking for the best deals and products online. It's an excellent opportunity to make big bucks if you can open a niche store that focuses on this market in 2021.

Buy art online

Another niche-based e-commerce store idea is expected to dominate the internet by 2021. Many art lovers are adding new pieces to their collections every day, and many of them do it online. The online art market in the USA is estimated to be worth 2.5 billion dollars and growing at a rate of 5%.

Everything can be sold in this niche of e-commerce, from album covers to paintings, sculptures and portraits to antiques. So it's no surprise that selling art online is one of the most lucrative ways to make huge profits.

Vintage clothing

A Thredup report estimates that the global vintage clothing market will reach $41 billion in 2022. Everyone has been bitten by the vintage clothing bug, from Hollywood stars to Gen Z. It is easy to start an online vintage clothing shop. But, first, you need to find the suppliers and create the supply chain.

This niche e-commerce store idea will work for you if you are familiar with the fashion market. To start your customer base, choose a niche in vintage clothing.

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Sell books and magazines.

Amazon revolutionized publishing by launching Kindle. This made reading more fashionable. People used to visit book shops to purchase magazines and books in the past. People now read books on their smartphones or laptops. Do you need data? The eBooks segment's revenue is expected to grow to US$15,635m by 2021.

Entrepreneurs with solid technical teams can explore digital long-form content as a niche e-commerce idea.

Online education courses

After COVI-19, the demand for online education courses rose exponentially. Online courses were the best way for students and parents to continue their education after every school and college closed. This online business idea will be a massive success in 2021. It will continue to generate income and funding.

Virtual education startups are now a reality in many countries. This niche online business idea is sure to make huge profits.

Beauty and Health Products

Analysts predict that the market for online personal and beauty products will reach $50 billion by 2024. It's no surprise that entrepreneurs are creating niche stores to sell online beauty and health products.

However, choosing a niche can make a huge difference. For example, are you looking to sell cosmetics, shampoo, hair care, nails, organic, grooming, and makeup? To make huge sales and profit, you must choose your niche.

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According to Market Data Forecast, Market Data Forecast predicts that the global smartwatch market will reach 130 billion dollars by 2025. Smartwatches are a status symbol and fashion statement, and people will spend hundreds of dollars on them.

If you are passionate about gadgets and want to start an e-commerce company, this niche business idea will work. You can either target the luxury smartwatch market or the affordable niche.

Sell handmade jewellery

Women love unique jewellery, and handmade is the hottest trend. Online selling of handmade jewellery requires less investment and can be set up quickly. Unfortunately, you can only find hundreds of suppliers on Etsy when it comes to suppliers!

If you are passionate about fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products, this niche of e-commerce is for you. You can use any online store builder to sell custom and handmade jewellery!

Mobile accessories

Although this niche is the least well-known, it's still a profitable online business. Savvy entrepreneurs are making huge profits by selling mobile accessories online.

It makes sense to create an Amazon-like mobile accessories store. In your niche eCommerce store, you can sell mobile screens, screen protectors, headphones and Bluetooth devices, and speakers. We guarantee that your sales will increase in 2021 if you optimize your store correctly.