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EQ vs. IQ: Which One Is More Important?

EQ vs. IQ: Which One Is More Important?

Ever since the term emotional quotient has been coined, the debate between EQ and IQ has taken shape. The world is torn regarding which is considered to be more beneficial. It’s a bit like comparing the need to be book smart or street smart.

What is EQ?

Before any judgment can be made, you need to understand what an Emotional Quotient is. Emotional intelligence is an individual’s ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express their emotions, according to Diffen.

Emotional intelligence isn’t something that can be taught in a classroom environment. An individual develops this kind of intelligence via the knowledge and experiences they have had.

What is IQ?

IQ, on the other hand, is used to quantify one’s academic abilities. The IQ is tested based on a series of questions and how well one does on that test. Typically, those with a higher IQ are considered to be smarter than others and perform exceptionally academically, are also described as book smart.

What’s more important: EQ or IQ?


There are varying perspectives on whether EQ or IQ is more important. A high IQ will help you through school, but with a low EQ, it’s unlikely that you will land your dream job. EQ can help you pave your way through life.

The other belief is that IQ is all you need to secure your future. Employers are most concerned about their knowledge and skills you’ve learned during your years in school, as opposed to your empathy. A meta-analysis on this debate came to the conclusion that 14% of your performance at work is due to your IQ, while 1% is reliant on your emotional intelligence. Our experts stress the fact that though it’s a mere 1%, this 1% is what distinguishes you from other employees.


IQ is still believed to be one of the most important characteristics needed to be successful in life; however, there are studies that prove a direct link between high EQ and successful professionals. A higher EQ helps you achieve much more. Think of it this way, you have 8 hours at work to complete a long list of tasks. Trying to complete every single task on the board will lead to some important tasks being left out. A person with a high EQ will identify what’s most important and beneficial to the organization and get done with those first.

Teamwork is a breeze for those with higher EQs and they take charge of responsibility really well too. With better people skills, they can easily lead a team without much conflict.

EQ tests have become a norm among organizations when recruiting. These tests include scenario-based questions for employers to get a better idea of how a candidate would fit into the corporate culture of their organization.

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