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Employer Branding: How to Become the Employer of Choice

Employer Branding: How to Become the Employer of Choice

The national unemployment rate has plummeted vastly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate at 3.8% is the lowest it has ever been since 2000. This greatly reduces the availability of talent in the market. As a recruiter it means, job seekers have plenty of options available, making the competition tougher than ever for candidates and recruiters alike.

Therefore, to attract the best candidates and retain your company’s top talent, you’ll have to become the employer of choice. And for that, you’ll need to have strong employer branding.

What Is Employer Branding?

Employer branding involves promoting your organization as a desirable place to work to retain top employees and attract potential candidates. Your employer brand is how employees and job seekers perceive what it’s like to work at your company. Their perception of the work environment, culture, benefits and employer value proposition forms the employer brand of your company.

Steps to Create a Winning Employer Brand

Branding your company as a great place to work, can make the recruitment process a lot easier and can also reduce employee turner. These strategies can help boost your employer branding and make you an employer of choice.


Analyze the needs and wants of the best candidates and top talent in your company. By taking this into account, decide what you should offer them and how it would be offered.


Review and examine each of the areas that affect people’s perception of what makes an organization a great place to work. On the basis of these criteria, score where you stand in each of the following areas:

  • How employees  are treated
  • Growth opportunities
  • Work-life balance
  • Leadership
  • Provision of a fair deal
  • Management quality
  • Why and how the organization is successful
  • Autonomy
  • Involvement with colleagues

Observe the Competition

Benchmark the approaches of other organizations that have strong employer branding. Obtain ideas especially from competing employers to enhance your brands.

What’s Next?

Once you have built a strong employer brand, the next task is to promote it to the right pool of candidates. Let the candidates know what happens behind the walls of your organization. Use authentic, inspiring and exciting stories from your employees to let others know about the company’s culture.

Showcase on your website and career page what your company’s core values are, who are the people that work for you as well as the benefits and perks they’re provided. Give the applicants a feel of the work life by using pictures from company events, breakout activities and team activities that you hold for your employees.

Becoming an employer of choice isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. It requires building and maintaining a culture that makes employees feel valued.  Identify the areas of improvement and create a strong employer value proposition for your company.

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