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March 10, 2021 Category: Administrative (2 minutes read)

Climbing the Ladder to Leadership

Climbing the Ladder to Leadership

The leap from manager to executive is rare in most organizations. Most companies hire laterally—that is, they hire those who have worked in similar roles in other companies.

The most common reason for this is a lack of leadership skills. While most people have the potential to lead, it requires effort and grooming to convert that potential into capability.

To help you get there, we've put together a list of leadership qualities that are bound to get you noticed by the higher-ups and help you climb the ladder to leadership.

1. Take Initiative

Learn to be self-motivated and take on projects head-on. While grasping every opportunity is never recommended, be aware of worthwhile projects and don’t hesitate to take the lead. Your confidence and willingness to explore new domains will be viewed positively by your superiors. However, ensure you don't spread yourself out too thin.

Identify meaningful work and use critical thinking and innovative techniques to become a front-runner.

2. Have a Vision

Every leader needs to have the ability to look at the big picture. It’s easy to get disillusioned by small challenges and failures, but focusing on the ultimate goal can keep you motivated.

Leadership also entails the ability to convey your ideas, aims and vision effectively to your team and colleagues. You should be able to coordinate with your team regarding their deliverables and piece together their daily efforts into a larger picture.

3. Understand Delegation

Leadership requires you to scale back and work from a distance. Every leader needs to be able to delegate work to avoid micromanaging. Although it can be tempting to do so, micromanaging decreases efficiency and team morale.

As a leader, you should trust that your team will perform to its maximum capability, and if something goes wrong, you will be able to reassess and try a different approach collectively.

4. Get Professional Training

Getting professional training to improve your hard and soft skills is always a good idea. While some people can develop leadership skills while working at the office, others learn faster through a structured training session with an experienced professional.

There’s no harm in getting leadership training–and it shows your commitment to your career!

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