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February 24, 2021 Category: Management New Jobs (2 minutes read)

Attention, Recent Graduates: This Is How You Write Your First Resume

Congratulations on completing your graduate degree with flying colors! It's time to step out into the professional world and revel in its charms.

The first thing you'll need to enter the job market is a powerful resume.

But before proceeding, we’d like to shed some light on interesting facts about resumes and their role in getting you a great job:

  • An average employer doesn’t spend more than 10 secondson your resume.
  • Less than one-fifthof applicants are shortlisted for interviews after their resume submissions.
  • 90% of employersbelieve that soft-skills give a candidate a considerable edge.
  • Your resume enhances your ability to position yourselfin the market.
  • An unprofessional email ID on your resume may lead to disqualification.
  • Recruiters actively check your social media accountsbefore shortlisting.

A resume can make or break your career. Continue reading to learn how you can write the perfect, eye-catching resume by following four simple steps.

Step 1: Craft a Profile Statement

Put simply, this is where you introduce yourself. The employers expect answers on two main questions in this section:

  • Who are you?
  • What are your major strengths and skills?

Describe yourself in two to four short sentences. Think of it as a quick snapshot of your accomplishments, skills, and key motivators. Make yourself presentable and worthy of a position in the desired industry and let the profile statement do the talking!

Step 2: Highlight Your Professional Experience

This part is the main highlight of your resume. As a fresh graduate, you're not expected to have a diverse experience in your field. Use this part to highlight your freelancing, internship, and volunteer work. Proceed to your accomplishments while abridging your critical skills.

Always follow a reverse chronological order with the most recent work placed at the top of the list.

Step 3: Move on to Your Educational Background

The education section includes information about your ongoing or completed degrees, diplomas, short-courses, and certifications. Leverage this part to give out info regarding your grades and achievements.

Some Important Resume Writing Rules

Here are some mandatory rules you must follow while writing your resume:

  1. Give out complete contact information. Use the correct postaltelephonic, and cellular service codes of your residential area.
  2. Never specify an unprofessional email IDin your resume.
  3. Provide working links to your LinkedIn and other social media accounts.
  4. Try to wrap up your resume on one page.
  5. Bypass clumsy writing and poor grammatical structures.
  6. Avoid using personal pronouns like I, We, He, She.

Here’s an example:

Don’t: I scored 1550 in my SAT exam.

Do: Scored 1550 score in SAT exam.

  1. Always send out a PDF version of your resume.
  2. Make it aesthetic, clean, and pleasant. Don’t use sharp colors and incorporate a pastel hueas it improves the appearance of your resume.
  3. Don't mention references. Instead, write something like "references available upon request."
  4. Keep it all about YOU. Think of it as a piece to show the employer what makes you the perfect fit for the available position.

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