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Assessment Centers: Why Are Most Organizations Conducting Them?

Assessment Centers: Why Are Most Organizations Conducting Them?

Choosing the best candidate who fits the job role and company culture perfectly is integral. Although one-on-one interviews are extremely important in recruitment, they are not enough to assess the capabilities of a candidate properly.  This is why assessment centers play such a crucial role during recruitment.

What Is an Assessment Center?

Assessment centers are conducted to gather relevant information about the candidates in a standardized condition. It includes various individual and group activities to assess the candidate’s skills and abilities to perform the job successfully.

A group of assessors observe the behavior of the candidates and score them accordingly. Their behavior is scored on a set of criteria including confidence, teamwork, problem-solving, etc.

In addition to this, assessors judge all candidates with similar backgrounds and references under the same controlled conditions. This ensures that the results are reliable and free from any sort of rater bias.

The various form of activities conducted in assessment centers includes group discussions, presentations, case studies, role-playing, etc. These activities become a meaningful source of predicting the candidate’s potential and behavior in the job environment. Here are some benefits of assessment centers:

Helps You Vet Multiple Skills

Assessment centers become vital in measuring the behaviors of a candidate that are directly related to efficient job performance. They help to assess a wide range of skills and knowledge the right candidate should possess including communication skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and time management. With the conventional written test and interview, these soft skills become extremely difficult to judge.

A Standardized, 360-Degree Evaluation

As assessment centers take place in a standardized environment, they ensure all candidates receive equal treatment without any bias. Plus, they provide the opportunity for trained raters to observe the candidate’s behavior directly, ensuring each candidate is rated accurately.

Helps Improve Recruitment Methods and Useful for Giving Feedback to Candidates

Assessment centers provide a learning opportunity for both, the assessor and the candidate. The assessors learn how to improve their observational skills and also the ability to evaluate performance accurately.

On the other hand, candidates learn from the feedback the assessors give them on their performance. This helps them identify their strengths and the areas they need improvement in.

Assessment centers may last a few hours or span over a few days. Though they are tedious and stressful, you get to learn and experience a lot of new things. More importantly, you get to know yourself better.

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