October 1, 2021 Category: Jobs (2 minutes read)

An In-depth Guide to Making Your Resume More Personal

An In-depth Guide to Making Your Resume More Personal

Nowadays, finding jobs to apply to is simple; you just have to find a popular job portal, upload your resume, and begin looking for opportunities.

The difficulty comes in grabbing and holding the attention of recruiters. How can you make your resume stand out among the thousands that are sent to recruiters? What can you include in your resume that will convince them to pull yours out of the pile?

Making your resume more personal is the most effective way to get yourself shortlisted for an interview.

Here are some pointers that can help infuse some personality into your resume:

1. Write a Personal Branding Statement

Instead of a generic career objective or summary, try to develop a personal branding statement.

You can use a personal branding statement to highlight skills, core competencies, and personal traits that show the recruiter how you can contribute to the organization.

Think of your personal branding statement as an elevator pitch for yourself. It doesn’t need to be longer than 4–5 lines, but it should be packed with powerful information that will make you stand out.

Consider the following example:

Honors graduate from the University of Washington’s Marketing & Communication program, seeking a position in a digital marketing department. Hands-on-experience in promoting new restaurants and cafes through digital channels, developed an effective loyalty program in Cascade Mall. Google Analytics certified. Event coordinator at local community center.

2. Mention Your Contributions to Projects

Recruiters aren’t impressed by a list of responsibilities you’ve handled in the past, they’re more interested in the projects you’ve taken on and your contributions to your past company.

Your resume shouldn’t read like a job description, it should list all that you’ve accomplished in your career.

Quantify your achievements by using statistics whenever you can; back up the claims you’re making.

3. Get Creative

Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, you can use different tools to spruce up your resume. Building an artistic resume is especially helpful when applying for creative positions.

Add a pop of color to your resume and play with designs to highlight certain parts. A resume that shows off your artistic talent will definitely stand out from the rest.

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