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February 12, 2021 Category: Management New Jobs (3 minutes read)

6 Reasons Why a Career in the Social Sector Is Best For You

If you're considering pursuing a career as a social worker, kudos to you! The industry may not get much attention, but it is a source of a lot of good in the world. Let’s look at the social sector by the numbers:

  • More than 4 millionNGOs are IRS-registered.
  • The top causes include contributions toward human resources, societal benefit, education, health, arts, and culture.
  • The non-profit social sector has the third largest workforcein the US after the retail and food industries.   

These key insights vividly indicate this industry's potential; it’s a great career option for all the kind souls on earth. This blog shares six benefits of building a career in the promising and highly rewarding social sector.

1. Societal Contributions

Being a social worker is all about providing physical, psychological, and emotional support to people in need. Whether you work in foster care, a nursing home, or an organization for kids with Down’s syndrome, your primary goal is the same—offering care and love.

Moreover, you can also be a part of research, knowledge creation, strategy planning, consultancy, and CSR in these positions.

2. Professional Development

Are you wondering whether the social sector offers career advancement? Of course, it does!

Not only are the career choices financially rewarding, but they’re also meaningful and fulfilling. There's no other sector, including corporate, that provides the same purpose for professionals.  

3. Strong Core Values

There’s no better career option if you want to bring about a change by empowering, advocating, motivating, and connecting with other people. Fighting oppression, injustice, discrimination, and inequality is just the tip of the iceberg!

Working in the social sector brings about change, one day and one person at a time—it’s the little drops that make a mighty ocean, after all.

4. Self-Empowerment

As a social worker, you’ll be able to understand the struggles of other people. You contribute to the world you want to see by escaping your comfort zone and accepting challenges. And as a result, you feel headstrong, more vocal, and empowered.

5. Diverse Specializations

The social work industry isn’t limited to NGOs and non-profit organizations. The job profiles include all types of roles from strategy planning, entrepreneurship, ethical M&E, healthcare, technical support, design, and management, etc.

There are three branches of social work:

Direct Practice: With a bachelor’s degree and strong soft-skills, you get a chance to interact with communities directly.

Macro Practice: Involves collaborating and partnering with government, legal, private, and public bodies to plan, develop, and implement social policies.

Clinical Practice: Requires an MSW degree, higher expertise, and the strength to deal with critical issues like drug abuse, mental disorders, and physical traumas.

6. High Demand

The US Bureau of Labor Stats predicts a 16% growth in the social sector workforce by 2026.

The industry was one of the few unaffected sectors during the 2007-08 crisis. The reasons for high demand include an aging population, increasing social awareness, climate change, healthcare problems, etc.

Golden Tips for Kick-Starting Your Social Impact Career

Here’s how to equip yourself before launching a career in the social sector:

  • Polish your soft-skills, and gain more volunteer work experience during your college life.
  • Social work is driven by passion. Don’t be a perfectionist, own your journey.
  • Strengthen your patience and psychological health because social work is challenging and demands adaptability and resilience.
  • Use social media to your advantage. If you care for a specific social issue, start talking about it. Join virtual communities, find kindred spirits, and enhance your networking skills.
  • Enroll in experiential learning programs toaccelerate your social career and gain hands-on experience with tailored coursework and practical activities.

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