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5 Biggest Resume Mistakes You Have to Avoid

5 Biggest Resume Mistakes You Have to Avoid

The fastest way for a job application to be cut short is to submit a flawed resume. Job applicants still continue to repeat the same mistakes that put off recruiters.

Here are some of the biggest resume mistakes you should avoid:

1. Putting in Too Much Information

Recruiters spend a total of 6 seconds on average before deciding whether or not the candidate is worth short-listing. That’s all the time you have to make an impression and sell yourself. A fraction of a minute isn’t enough to look through a resume filled with too much information.

An excessive amount of information on a resume puts recruiters off. A powerful resume is one that is concise and to the point.

Don’t bore the recruiter with irrelevant details; sell yourself to them by exhibiting your strengths and achievements. Every line in your resume should indicate how valuable you can be for the company; if it doesn’t do that, it’s best to remove it.

2. Not Tailoring Your Resume for the Job

Every job has distinct requirements. When applying for a job you really want, you should tailor your resume accordingly. Remove what’s irrelevant and insert everything you can think of that will appeal to the recruiter.

Pick up keywords from the job posting and incorporate it into your resume. Recruiters typically use Application Tracking Software to scan resumes. The recruiter tells the software what keywords to look for; files containing the most matches are usually shortlisted.

3. Listing Mundane Duties


When you start listing insignificant, mundane duties, recruiters assume you haven’t accomplished anything sufficient in your career so you’re just filling your resume with irrelevant information.

Avoid mentioning duties that don’t matter much and focus only on major achievements.

4. Being Modest

Speaking of achievements, your resume is a chance to boast all the accolades you’ve received. If you’ve won titles or given any awards related to your career or education, mention it in your resume. Stick to things that will be appreciated by a prospective employer.

Quantify your achievements with statistics to support the claims you’re making in your resume.

5. Using an Outdated Resume

Don’t make the mistake of applying to a job without updating your resume. Take a look at your technical and computer schools; remove anything that is obsolete and replace them with new skills you’ve mastered.

Once you’ve fixed the above mistakes, you can finally post your resume at Jobslog and begin applying.

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