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4 Tips For Graduate Interview Success

4 Tips For Graduate Interview Success

Every college kid is familiar with competition. From college applications to scholarships and internships, you constantly have to show why you’re better than others.

But if you thought that the days of competition were behind you now that you’ve graduated, you’ve got another thing coming; the real world is much more competitive than college.

Once you graduate, you’re going to have to compete for jobs against graduates from your college, graduates from other colleges, and all the other working professionals who are interested in the position you’re applying to.

Each candidate has different experiences, educational background, skills, and personality. To find success as a fresh graduate, you have to show why you’re the best fit for the job during the interview process.

These tips can help you through it:

1. Preparation is Everything

Whether it’s your first interview or the fifteenth, preparation is everything! Fresh graduates make the mistake of not preparing enough for interviews, and as a result, they often stumble and fail to leave a good impression.

Think of the interview as a test. The interviewer is going to try and trip you up with tough, unexpected questions. If you’re prepared, you won’t have much trouble answering them. However, if you haven’t prepared, everything will go downhill.

How do you prepare for an interview? You need to learn as much as you can about the company, its culture, its clients, its current projects, etc. The more you know about them, the more professional you’ll look.

2. Jot Down Stories

Candidates that click with interviewers have a better chance of getting hired than those who struggle to hold a conversation.

By drafting stories in advance, it becomes easier to direct the conversation towards your achievements. Write yourself an opening line and smoothly insert it into your conversation with the interviewer. Be subtle and smooth about it — you don’t want it to sound rehearsed!

3. Don’t Oversell Yourself


Overselling yourself in an interview is a common rookie mistake. Fresh graduates are filled with energy and, oftentimes, exaggerate their capabilities in interviews. Seasoned interviewers can usually tell when a candidate is exaggerating and won’t hesitate to catch them in a lie.

Avoid making promises you can’t keep and stick to what you know. Don’t make any claims you can’t back up with proof.

4. Concentrate On Your Potential

Don’t give the interviewer an opportunity to point out where you’re lacking. Instead, let them know of your potential.

As a fresh graduate, your biggest disadvantage is your lack of experience, but you can make up for that by proving that you’re a quick learner.

You may not have the experience at the moment, but you do have unique abilities. Think about your strengths and how you can use them to your advantage.

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